2022 in review
— 2022-12-23

  1. my own work
    1. rust language work
    2. async work
    3. miscellaneous
  2. other's work
    1. rust
    2. capabilities
    3. systemic safety
    4. compilers
    5. miscellaneous
  3. conclusion

It's pretty quiet at work right now, and every other application on my phone is telling me it's time to look back. So why not lean in and look back at the last 12 months. Not some big reflection time, but to share some things I've done and liked. I've published about a novel's worth of work in the past year, and probably read a multitude of that. So if you're looking to read some tech related things over the holidays, maybe you'll find something fun in this list!

My own work

Here are things I've worked on and written about this year:

Rust Language Work


I didn't know "type states" had a name until after I wrote the post, so they're not mentioned by name in the post.


I'm planning to write an update on the work we've done so far after the holidays. Stay tuned for that I guess?

Async Work


Other's work

Here are things I've read this year which were a highlight for me. Some of it was published this year, other things are from earlier years. But either way, these were highlights for me:



Systemic Safety

"Blaming human error for an outage is like blaming gravity for a building falling over" — Tef on Twitter




I hope some of this was interesting. I'm off to finish reading some of the books on this list. Happy holidays!